The romance of a luxury train journey lives on.  Just mention one or two iconic names in passing to  friends of such classics names as the Orient Express, the Trans Siberian, the Rovos traversing South Africa - and you are guaranteed to get their attention. These very special train journeys are often quite long, some taking one or two weeks, even longer  - like the one from Quebec City all the way to Vancouver in British Columbia. Expect to travel in style, often in sheer luxury;  in contrast journeys through Egypt or India provide very different experiences. There are ski trains to the Alps in Europe, trains from the East Coast USA to California by the iconic Amtrak trains, or  the snaking long distance trains in India filled to the brim, where travelers hang on for dear life on the roofs or the platforms connecting the carriages. You can join in if you don't mind taking a considerable risk and are happy to forgoe  almost all comforts whilst on board. These trains  mostly take  scenic routes, providing with grand stand views of the landscape rushing by your window. All the luxury trains have the opportunity for dressing up in style for dinner, and during the day exploring some of the nearby country side at the scheduled stops, see plenty of wildlife and choice landmarks, during these day excursions. Dining on board will vary from  5 star luxury to a pic-nic basket prepared by yourself, or whatever you can grab form vendors at stops en route. The anticipation is always thrilling and exciting, the experience seldom less than what you have hoped for.          

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