What does a beach holiday conjour up in yor mind?  Pristine soft wide sand as far as the eye can see ? a strip of land along the sea with overhanging palms providing welcome shade from the sun? Busy town on one side, the sea on the other with you in the middle streched out on a deckchair , enjoying the hubab and the excitement of people all around you...beaches are as varied as the imagination can reach, some just for yourself others for hundreds of like minded holidaymakers like you.  European beaches are rarely less then crowded, at least not in the high season, but always fun and buzzing with excited beach actrivities. Beaches in the Indian Ocean are often wide, with plenty of soft sand, quite remote and appear to be  more exotic... Caribbean beaches are somwhewhere in between, busy but invitingly spft sand  and usually well serviced, palm trees and cocktails abound there.. What ever your choice for family holidays or a holiday with your partner, it has to be just right for you and when chosing your beach holiday have check list ready and make sure you tick all the boxes you expect from your beach holiday.

Best Offers for Sun & Beach

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