Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, freestyle skiing, heli-skiing, skating, dog sledding, plus extreme winter sports activities offer the greatest thrills, invigorating physical experiences at stunning locations in the European Alps, Canadian or North American Rockies, Chilean Andes, Japan's legendary powder snow resorts and other superb mountain ranges, where the slopes are blessed with plentiful winter snowfalls year after year. In Europe, the traditional ski resorts of Austria, France, and Switzerland have been expanded to the Balkans, Scandinavia and the Pyrenees mountains. Add to that super ski resorts in USA and Canada, Chile, Argentina and Japan to name just a few and skiing is now available all year round. All to the good. Skiing is a lifestyle choice and once bitten, the bug is not easily removed!There are all inclusive family ski clubs, fully catered chalets, luxury hotels and plenty of self-catering apartments for the widest possible selection of accommodation. Operators like Crystal Ski, Inghams and Neilson offer the widest possible ski packages from ski touring to family skiing throughout the world. 

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