Finding and selecting hotels and somewhere to stay for independent travellers is a very important part of successful holiday experiences. Tour operators research resorts and cities to package up for inclusive holidays. The variety available is vast and suits many, but not necessarily those who choose independence over convenience. For those who prefer to find their ideal hotels and less usual places to stay, we offer our hotel only option to search, find and book without pre-packaged holidays.   This is, of course, a huge task; there are hundreds of thousands of all types worldwide. We have deliberately started with lesser-known, unusual places and independent establishments, way out of the ordinary guest houses, mainly focusing in Europe.  We are adding new hotels, new resorts and new ideas for your next holiday, so do come and re-visit our website to discover new ones every time you visits. We like uncrowded outdoor places, often in the mountains of Europe or along the shores of lakes, rivers and the sea. 

Best Offers for Hotel Only

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