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The signs of spring in South Tyrol are hard to miss: terraces at city cafés are starting to fill up, people are enjoying the spring sun, the magnolias on Waltherplatz square are in bloom, the Passer river is roaring in Merano and the time is right for a stroll through the area’s colourful, blossoming nature. While the last remnants of snow are still atop the mountain peaks, things in the valley are becoming more colourful by the day. As you may already have noticed spring is in the air and we’ve caught the fever of this special time of year when the province is transformed into a sea of flowers.

Images of the inferno which engulfed the iconic medieval church of Notre Dame will remain long in the memory of millions around the world. The initial despair is gradually turning less gloomy, because the stone structure has been less damaged than it was first feared. Restoration will be the focus for years to come and we believe the edifice will remain on the tourist itinerary, despite the traumatic event on Monday night.
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