There is a stunning world under the Sea, abundant in marine life, plants and millions of colourful creatures and organisms. Coral reefs, fish of all sizes and types, large mysterious multi limbed dangerous creatures roam the bottom of our Oceans providing a continuous spectacle to divers.  Diving under the waves to discover marine life as well as shipwrecks, even active volcanoes is something quite possible to do with modern equipment and technology. True, most divers will only descent to a moderate depth and spend short periods below, but the curious and ambitious can go beyond the occasional holiday dive, perhaps  discovering new creatures and witnessing the most unusual events deep below.  Diving in places like the Red Sea of Sharm and Hurghada, off the Mexican coast, or among the hundreds of low lying islands of the Maldives have become commonplace. You are in a world of your own and sometimes you only have to descent a few meters to be amazed by what you discover. Tip: You can learn to dive in less than a week!

Best Offers for Diving & Snorkelling

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Limassol, Cyprus TUI Atlantica Miramare Beach - Limassol
Atlantica Miramare Beach - Limassol
Atlantica Miramare Beach - Limassol
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Limassol, Cyprus
The beachfront Atlantica Miramare Beach is a contemporary hotel that offers a relaxing pool scene and first-class dining. This hotel is pulled right up next to a beach, so you can get to the shore in a few steps
BB*, Holiday
26-09-2021 to 03-10-2021 7 £412.99 Net Price offer image