High up in the Andes of Peru and a four day trek from Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas, Machu Picchu is carefully hidden beyond secret pathways that lead up to this elevated Inca enclave of magnificent buildings, temples and places of human and animal sacrifice. Find the best way to get on the trek with Explore!  Clearly a favourite holiday experience to be had, Machu Piccu is restricting the number of visitors they allow at any given time on the trek and the total visitors to go to visit the sacred Inca site. Discovered only - by the American historian early in 20th century, the marvelous relics of the Inca culture are laid bare for all to take time over and experience a spiritual as well as physical awe they inspire  Read up about Machu Pichhu, the Incas and Cusco before visiting there, find out what relevance the Incas had on the scientific development of the world their own peoples and the chalanges posed to the invading Spanish conquerors. The site is full of treasures and without doubt you will experience a spiritual 'high' even during a short visit. Do the trek if you have time and energy, rather than the short train ride from Cusco, opting out the true experience of a 4 day adventure trek

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