In South East Asia, to the East flanked by the South China Sea. Otherwise it shares borders with China, Laos and Cambodia. It is a country with a civilization dating back 4000 years, consequently rich in history. Pagodas and temples and the imperial cities offer exciting glimpse back into the ancient past.   Discovering this fascinating country by land or by sea is equally exciting. Visiting the imperial city of Hue and cruising on the Perfume River is a must . Checking out Hanoi and Saigon, perhaps the trading port of Hoi An and dispelling some of the images that may still be haunting you from the turbulent war years is a good idea!.   Vietnam's history, ancient or modern are both fascinating and worth exploring. It's people are very friendly and welcoming. The general scenery is not only beautiful but full of other fascinating charters like interesting waterways, plantations, rain-forests, wildlife, and of course ancient culture. Has become very popular during the last 10 years or so, booking excursions ahead is a good idea.

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