Off Kenya's coast in the Indian Ocean, this is a popular island for the ultimate escape from it all. Fly to or take a ferry to from Mombasa Once the metropolis of East Africa, ruled successively by the Persians, Portuguese, Arabs and British, it is a fascinating place with palaces, forts, stone aqueducts and baths. Guided tours to spice and fruit plantations are available all over the island. Beaches are superb, the hotels are designed for every comfort. It's idyllic, tranquil and secluded for those who seek a more private holiday The exotic shops, bazaars, colonial mansions, mosques, combined with superb beaches, particularly on the east coast, make it a colourful and desirable holiday destination. Popular with honeymooners and couples who seek an idyllic holiday in one of the many exclusive hotels on the island's beaches.

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