Mount Kilimanjaro is on the Tanzanian and Kenyan border, two east African countries with splendid coastlines along the Indian Ocean in addition to the tallest and most famous mountain in Africa Kilimanjaro with its snow capped peak at 5895 meters is by far the most spectacular mountain in Africa and challenges many trekkers every year to make to the famous Uhuru - freedom peak. The thin air takes its tall with many would be achievers not making it to the top. The African Nature and the setting of the mountain's geographic beauty is second to none. The camaraderie of trekking together with a common goal of reaching elusive snow capped peak leaves lasting memories with all. Adventure travel companies like Explore, Exodus offer a variety of four and five day experiences with expert guides and first class arrangements. A lifetime experience is guaranteed. Because the mountain is there! It must be conquered and touch the ice and snow when you get to the top. The scenery along the trek is indescribably spectacular, especially once above the clouds, a little closer to heaven . Kilimanjaro is a one off.

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