The 115 islands of the Seychelles lie in the Indian Ocean, North East of Madagascar. They spread out for 150,000 sq miles. There are two types of Seychelles Islands - Granitic; with lush, green vegetation, growing bananas, coconuts and mangoes. They include the largest and capital island of Mahe. The Coralline are coral outcrops, and include Bird and Dennis Islands. Enjoy the birds, giant tortoises, coco-de-mer the rainforest as well as the beautiful beaches. Visit the many spice plantations of vanilla, cinnamon and the National Museum on Mahe, depicting the history of spice cultivation. Considered to have the most beautiful selection of islands, it is worth hopping on a small plane to fly out for a day or longer to check it out.  The atmosphere and character of the Seychelles and its people is definitely fun and laid-back. The Creoles, created out of a blend of cultures, are unique in their lifestyle, rhythmic music, language and exotic cuisine. There are many unique species of birds and other animals too.

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