The Russian Federation stretches from the eastern boarders of the Baltic states for thousands of miles across Siberia to the Sea of Okhotsk in the East, with the Arctic Ocean flanking its northern shores and Kazahstan, Mongolia and China on its southern boarders   The 21 Republics make up the Federation with a total landmass twice the size of the USA. It is partly in Europe, partly in Asia geographically. Multilingual, multi religious, the former USSR is a fast developing nation, with enormous wealth and economic potential.   City tours to famous places like Moscow and St. Petrsburgh are popular. The prospects for adventure and discoveries are excellent, with such facilities, as the Trans-Siberian Railways, River Cruises, and Black Sea resorts. Sochi is the venue for the 2014 winter olympics, to bear in mind    Undiscovered by majority of tourists, has been unavailable for many decades during the communist rule, has unique historical and cultural offerings and nature not found elsewhere. Security is an issue and relative lack of reliable infrastructure away from main cities. Huge potential for adventure tourism, yet to develop in the vast unexplored hinterland of the Russian Fedaration

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