Namibia is rapidly becoming a rpopuler adventure tourist destination,  fast becoming one of the most popular for those who definitely want to get off the beaten track. Many exciting discoveries can be made on well organized holiday trips. Sunny, hot and dry climate welcomes visitors. Wildlife is abundant, the desert is like a magnet for discovery tours, and the Namibian as very friendly peoples.   This is the ultimate Safari Country for the hardy adventurer. Inland a huge desert dominates. The seaside resort of Swakopmund is popular and Luderitz also -a small port on the Atlantic coast.. The Etosha National Park is a renowned game park in the north of the country. Go on game safaris for elephant, lions, zebras, giraffe and wilder beast and lots. lots more ...    There are rare and endangered species of animals in several games reserves, like Kaudom, Mahango,Waterberg. The Zambezi River offers game viewing cruises and access to more wildlife and native villages. The Namib desert is one of the most inhospitable places in Africa but with huge sand dunes, some up to 300 metres is the oldest and the most challenging deserts of the world. Exploring some of its features like the Tsauchab River that disappears in a deep gorge, going on ballooning safaris, or camping out in the national parks or discovering the Skeleton Coast- graveyard for scores of ships, old and new - the exciting adventurous options are many fold.

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