The Caribbean Islands conjure up visions of swaying palm trees, long stretches of soft sandy beaches, a multitude of different peoples of all races, religion and culture. Listen to the lilting accented Began people of Barbados and the melodic French of St. Martin and Martinique islands, separated only by a few sea miles.  The climate too varies a great deal and the windward islands enjoying balmy sea breezes even during the height of the hot blazing summer sunshine. This is the playground of the rich, the very rich as well as the modestly off tourist. There is a place for all who learn to love the Caribbean lifestyle, the climate, the infinite variety of cuisine and endless activities on sea or on land. Go sailing to snorkelling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, golfing; explore the lush countryside, the villages and their lively markets.  Listen to the dark stories of piracy, murder and sorcery, battles fought and lost with big fortunes made.  The Caribbean is alluring as a fun holiday playground full of spice with a very unique atmosphere.  Will not disappoint!Tip: Do your homework before booking. Avoid between mid August to end september, when hurricanes do happen..

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