Botswana is landlocked in South Africa, sharing borders with Namibia to the North [Caprivi Strip] and west, South Africa to the south and southeast, Zambia to the north and Zimbabwe to the northeast. In size similar to France or Kenya, but population density is low at 2.6 people per square kilometre. Northern Botswana’s pristine wilderness is protected by a patchwork of reserves, boisterous hippos, flashes of iridescent birds. Walking Safaris,Quad Biking, Elephant-back-safaris, Mountain Biking, Mokoro safaris, Night Dives.. just for starters Quite simply, there’s nowhere quite like it. Wildlife, wilderness and sense of wonder – Botswana has it all. This is more than just another safari destination. It’s the promise of a unique experience. Imagine paddling a dugout canoe through a wildlife reserve the size of Greater London that you have practically to yourself. Experience the thrill and privilege of a close encounter with Africa’s largest elephant herds.HolidayNet recommends; soft adventures, family safari experiences, sceniic balloon flights, loutdoor ;uxury camping, wildlife, African culture

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