Bermuda is in the North Atlantic, but you'll be forgiven to think it's in the Caribbean. In fact it is closer to New York than Barbados. It boasts excellent quality life style, gourmet cuisines, luxury hotels and beautiful gently sloaping pink sandy beaches. Also the venue for the 2017 Americas Cup race.. Over 180 islands make up Bermuda. Pink coral sandy beaches, the best of winter sunshine, elegant hotels and restaurants, where dressing up for dinner is still the norm, together with an air of exclusivity in the yacht harbours and on the golf courses set Bermuda well apart from it's Caribbean cousins   Stay in great hotels with matching service, enjoy good living and eat out in the best establishments. Take a private cruise, play golf, go deep sea fishing or just stretch out on the soft, cool coral beaches. You wont burn your feet here, but watch out for the strong sun!   It's pretty unique. Where else do you have the chance to wear a dinner jacket in the evenings and feel great for it? Walk on the beach without scoulding the soles of your feet? Eat out in true 5 star restaurants that will challenge the best of Paris, London & New York? It's the lifestyle they go for!HolidayNet recommends: luxury hotels, sailing and yachting, gourmet cuisine, diving and snorkelling, fabulous beach life, nighttime fun

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