Officially it is in Australasia;  this huge land of great versatility is just about as far as you can get travelling East from Europe before you start coming back. Australia is everyone's dream destination where the beaches are the best, the diving is the most spectacular, the outback is the most basic yet romantic, the  aboriginal people  provide the depth of history and where the desert, the mountains, the plains spread wide. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Ayers Rock, Bondi Beach, the Barrier Reef conjure up images that we all have to see one day! There is no other land like this. Big and welcoming, open and free. Haven for all who live in the somewhat crowded environment of Europe. Go - tour the whole country! - just make sure you have plenty of time !Tip: best for gap year active younger visitors with plenty of time and stamina. Allow minimum 3 to 4 weeks to do it some justice

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