The New World, as it is often referred to, is not just a country but makes up a large part of a Continent. To the north is the vastness of Canada and to the south is Mexico.   The USA is not just one Country and 51 States, it is the cultural, ethnic and economic melting pot of the world. Most people not living in the USA aspire to do so or at least visit there sometime during their lives.   Turn it round and ask what can I not do in USA? Precious little is the answer. The Country is versatile and varied that the visitor will be able to become an explorer, adventurer, discoverer just on one trip. The best beaches, the best rugged outdoor life, the best golf courses, the best entertainment & theme parks, the most fascinating cities await! But that's just the tip of the 'iceberg'! Be prepared to love it and go back time and again.   Because there is nothing bigger, grander more impressive, more versatile and more friendly anywhere. Freedom to all - including the first time visitor - is guaranteed. Easy and relaxed, generous and rich, the USA is truly second to none for a holiday experience, whether for the family, the explorer or adventurer, the artistic or beach lover          

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