California is in the South West of the U.S.A. on the Pacific Ocean enjoying a legendary climate California is probably the most liberal state, with Hollywood in Los Angeles. It's also one of the most populated states. Along the Pacific coast are San Francisco - home of Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Redwood National Park, Los Angeles - home of Hollywood, Disneyland and Venice Beach, San Diego - home to Sea World, the wineries of North County and the Golden Triangle with upscale shopping and restaurants.   Go inland to fully appreciate the vitality of the land, from snow- capped mountains to endless deserts. Visit the National Parks - Joshua Tree, Death Valley and more. Go for a touring rather than one-stop holiday.   The State has a lot of everything to offer just about every holiday maker. Internal flights are cheap in the U.S. and California is a wonderful State to get to know - a microcosm of North American landscape and society.

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