Alaska is close to the Arctic, north of mainland USA, to the west bordered by the North Pacific, and to the East by Canada. The largest State in the USA, it has 3000 rivers, 3 million lakes and more than 5000 glaciers against a backdrop of imposing mountains and dense forests. Here you will find most of America's highest peaks and extensive ice fields of which the largest, Malaspina, is 850 sq miles. Hundreds of islands protect the coast from the open ocean, separated from the mainland by the calm waters of the famed Inside Passage, a marine highway that provides a vital link between communities. The weather along the coast can be often wild and stormy but summers are usually milder than the northerly latitude would suggest. In places the coast is fringed by temperate rainforest.   There are two ways to discover Alaska: by cruise ship as did Captain Cook in 1778, or by road. The famous Alaska Highway covers 1645 miles from Fairbanks to Dawson Creek, British Columbia. A must is a visit to Dawson City, a National Historic Site,where gold was discovered in 1896.   One of America's great wilderness area, Alaska's scenery is simply unrivalled where you will find a sense of freedom and adventure.

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