Mexico is situated at the Southern extreme of North America, bounded by the U.S., Guatemala and Belize. The capital, Mexico City, is situated in the middle of the country. Major tourist hubs are the beach resorts of Acapulco, on the South coast of the Pacific and Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula. Tracing the routes of the Mayan, Aztec and the Olmecs is one of the most fascinating ways to learn about the history and layout of the land. Visit some the ancient ruins of past civilizations, many of which are buried deep in the jungle; do some serious scuba diving around Cozumel; visit some of the old Spanish colonial towns as well as the cities. Mexico is a vast and vibrant country - full of life and colour. There is much diversity of terrain to explore, from deserts to tropical forests as well as miles of sandy beaches. Whatever your holiday wish, the country never seems to lose its cultural identity, which is apparent in the food as well as fiestas

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