Located at the far corner of the Mediterranean to the east, south of Lebanon, west of Jordan and north of Egypt. The land of Moses's right at the beginning of the middle east, where some degree of conflict and turmoil has existed since time immemorial.. Clearly a focal point for Jews, Christians, Moslems this biblical land is the HOLY LAND. Whether we celebrate the life and death of Christ, the arrival of the Jews from Egypt or the departure of Mohammed to heaven, this is the one and only Holy Land!   Discover the roots of your religion, dig deep in Jerusalem to get to the bottom, visit every shrine, join a kibbutz or find out what the Dead Sea has in store for you. Go diving in the Red Sea, follow the footsteps of Jesus, rebuild your dreams in Palestine or just enjoy the wonderful climate by the Mediterranean Sea   There is no place on earth like that! Biblical stories originate here and religious history is still in the making today even after King David established the city of Jerusalem over 3000 years ago, Christ put it on the world map 2000 years ago and Mohammed left it for heaven some 1500 years ago. Modern Israel remains a hive of activity

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