Borneo is the second largest island in the world, and one that is truly unique with it's indigenous Orang Utan population in Sarawak and Sabah. Also home to Mount Kinabalu at over 4000 metres, now notorious for the regular mishaps that seems to befall many climbers trying to reach the often cloud covered summit. Rain forests, wild rivers, beautiful coastlines characterise this spectacular but in places very rugged island Depending on which part you visit. Around Sarawak, there are excellent beach resorts, rain forests and huge caves to explore, jungle trekking, river rafting and adventure holidays. In Sabah all that plus the added thrills of Mount Kinabalu, the Orang Utan sanctuary and dangerous off shore islands, where pirates are still a very real threat…Brunei is much less tourism friendly. As far as the Indonesian south is concerned, unless you want real bullets at breakfast, just don't bother..  Because there is nothing like this elsewhere. The emotional experience most people have coming face to face with the Orangs is simply shattering…the adventure holiday possibilities are very extensive and very real..the climate though hot and humid, is great all year round and nowadays it's relatively easy to get to

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