Situated to the south west of Mallorca Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and which are located 120 miles south of Barcelona off the east coast of Spain.  Ibiza has a rugged coastline and many fruit orchards and woods. Ibiza Town is situated above a busy harbour and the island is famous for being a party and clubbing destination. There is a medieval fortress in Ibiza Town and the upper town has narrow cobbled streets and a pretty main square. Expect plenty of young crowds from all over Europe, late night reveling and not many early risers..  Apart from being the clubbing capital of the region for more than 10 years Ibiza also has a charming historic appeal. Main activities involve the water and most water sports are on offer such as sailing, diving, underwater fishing and much more.  If you are a "clubber" then you have to add Ibiza to your must visit list, especially of you are into the type of music on offer which is House. The greenery of the island though provides relaxing retreats from this frenetic nightlife and the water sports are excellent. Did you know?.. that Ibiza is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site?

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