In central south eastern Europe bordering Hungary and Ukraine to the north, Moldova to the east, Bulgaria to the south and Serbia to her west. Capital is Bucharest, approximate flight time from UK is 3 hours.  This relatively large country has a great variety of landscapes from the mighty Carpathian Mountains sweeping through the middle of the country, to rolling hills and great plains in the south with exceptional wildlife that includes bears, lynx and wolves. The Rive Danube runs through this fertile country with forests covering about one quarter of the total area. About 400 miles by 300, this is a relatively large and undiscovered part of central south Eastern Europe. The Black Sea has developed into popular holiday resorts over next few years, with many UK tour operators offering holiday packages    An absolute paradise for exploring the outdoors of the Transylvania mountains, its wildlife as well as the spectacular abundance of flora and fauna. Un-spoilt and relatively unknown, Romania remains rich in its natural undeveloped landscape, medieval villages and natural rugged beauty. One of the last few remaining outdoors where you can still go hunting, hiking and exploring the outdoors more or less as nature created it.       

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