Varied and wonderful. In the interior, there are rivers, mountains, open spaces, great landscape with ancient villages, cultures and traditions. On the Atlantic coast are the great cities of Lisbon and Porto. In the south the holiday playground of the Algarve. Great climate, big variety of active and beach holidays for the family and small groups of golfers..   Depending where you are but the Algarve is considered to be the 'Mecca' for European golfers, for the family as well as all other type of holiday makers, superb scenery, good variety of lifestyles, excellent water sports by the sea and fine restaurants for the gourmet. All in all very appealing to all leisure travelers. Plenty of less well known areas  worth discovering, not least the superb wine region in the north west of Portugal , where culinary delights are too in abundance. Touring this part ,and staying in Pousadas is an worthwhile option.   Still relatively uncrowded, affordable, with a great climate and plenty to do on holidays, summer or winter and in-between. More Northern Europeans are now migrating there for permanent stay in beautiful villas and holiday developments mainly in the south for affordable family summer holidays, as well as a variety of leisure activities Find flight to Portugal

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