The westernmost Scandinavian Country, and most would agree with the stunning & picturesque coastal landscape. The famous Fjords, cover the western coast from the temperate European South to the far North of the Arctic Circle Nature, the people and the un-spoilt landscape that opens up along and behind the Fjords. They say, you see flora in all variety & all at once, that you'll find nowhere else on earth. Travel all the way to the North within the Arctic Circle and be truly impressed Great for hiking, coastal cruising and discovering nature and the terrain that is quite unique to Norway. See the midnight Sun, the Northern Lights, Reindeer in the wild, take the famous FLAM Railway and let this beautiful country unfold in front of your eyes.  It's easy to get to from anywhere in Europe, uniquely different from almost all destinations, not crowded with tourists, un-spoilt nature. Norwegians are very friendly and welcoming. Nature lovers' paradise.

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