Amsterdam city is built around a network of around 60 canals connected by over 1000 bridges. To the South are the Hague, Holland's capital and Rotterdam. The city has all the cosmopolitan feel of a capital without its seriousness. There are 53 museums, 61 art galleries and countless Brown Bars and Coffee shops from which to admire the 17th Century houses lining the canals.  Brush up on your Van Gogh and Rembrandt in a few of the museums; visit the restored Anne Frank house; sample some of the best Indonesian cuisine in Europe; take a canal cruise through the city; go to a diamond factory; try a pint of the local brew in a Brown Bar. It's a jewel of a European city, where trams and bikes rule the streets. It's an international city where you feel that all men are equal and the traditional provides a perfect backdrop for the tolerance of today. There's also lots of fun to be had in Amsterdam!

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