Located in southern Mediterranean just off the North African coast and someway off the Island of Sicily An ancient land which predates even the Egyptian civilization. Records and archaeological finds indicate that its community was active as far back as 5000 BC , some 7000 years ago. Christianity here is one of the strongest established in the world, and the famed knights of St. John, are among the earliest forces to be used to defend Christianity, is well known the world over. This is a relatively small island but very popular for short as well as longer holiday stays.    Guaranteed warm climate throughout the year, low or almost no crime, at variety of sandy beaches and pleasant landscape make for perfect family holidays. In the city there is an abundance of coffees, restaurants, bars and the virtual wall to wall development of this small island leaves little undeveloped open space. Plenty of hotels, nightlife, cultural and religious monuments and festivals will keep visitors busy throughout the year.   Great climate, safe and simple, easy to get to from most European cities, beautiful sandy beaches, good selection of hotels and restaurants, buzzing life style make it an all year round attraction for long weekends as well as full beach holidays excellent value and a reliable holiday destination. If you are interested in cultural and religious festivals, Malta has plenty of that! Find flight to Malta

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