The island of Sicily is located between Italy and North Africa, just a few miles from the Southern tip of the boot. To the South is Malta. The capital is Palermo, with stunning mostly Baroque architecture. The whole island is littered with historical souvenirs, from Roman temples, villas and churches, to Greek theaters. There are charming fishing villages which appear not to have changed in years, as well as beautiful beach resorts   Explore the hidden coves, old villages, temples and theaters all around the island. For the most popular beach resort, go to Taormina; try some of the delicious local olive oil and enjoy all the colourful local food in small piazzas. Nightlife varies from intimate and romantic to loud and brash in the towns.   Sicily has its own history and identity, separate from Italy. Despite being known for its excellent beaches, resorts and natural produce, the island has not changed and retains its unique charms and ways of life. Europe's only active volcano, the Vesuvius is here on the island.

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