Rome is half way up the 'boot' of the Italian mainland, this is the capital of Italy. Rome is a lot older than united Italy itself, by nearly 2500 years! Once dominated the world with its empire, Romans today are content just to enjoy it.    The seat of the Roman Empire, from where the world domination was masterminded and executed. Where Christians had to fight for their lives with wild beasts and provide entertainment to the slowly disintegrating decadent Roman society. Today Rome is the richest city in archaeological treasures of those times and the chicest of modern living in the 21st Century with regular Rome concerts and Opera which can usually be booked via your hotel.     Plenty of sightseeing and discoveries of ancient ruins, cathedrals, catacombs, and the seat of the Christianity, the Vatican. Visit the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi and other world famous monuments & relics. You can even rent a spectacular villa nearby if you prefer to be more private or have a family.    Uniquely rich in treasures and mostly on open show to the touch and the eyes. Walk across the bridge of Angels, where the Michelangelo statues stand tall, watching your progress. Friendly, Eternal, and Impressive, the City is great all year round. Good climate, excellent cuisine, terrific shopping and unending wonders to experience! Great for city breaks. Find flight to Rome

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