The capital of the unified Germany, Berlin is located in the north of Germany, not too far from the Polish border. The German Bundestag - the parliament has moved to Berlin from Bonn, and businesses too followed. The city has it all: art, culture, gourmet delights and sporting facilities. Superb hotels, museums and the lure of the old 'East Berlin' to explore. Nearby lakes and no less than 19 golf courses within reach. The best is the Palmerston Golf Resort in beautiful and unspoilt rural settings in Bad Saarow, in the old East -golf, tennis, riding, sailing  beauty therapy -just a few highlights to mention. Shopping, nightlife, culture are all in abundance. The City is architecturally rich and with the old eastern sector having disappeared at the end of the 90s, Berlin has suddenly doubled in size for visiting tourists. You can still see a section of the Wall, but sadly 'Checkpoint Charlie' is no longer. The Zoo, the Kurfurstendamm, the Brandenburg Gate, The Deutsche Dom are just a few landmarks to visit. Go to the Nikolai Quarter in the old East Berlin, and find truly good German eateries for a great gourmet night out. Berlin has always been associated with style and good living. Nothing has changed! The city is packed with cultural and gastronomic delights, architectural wonders, superb restaurants and historical places of recent times as well as from past Centuries. Geographically located in the now defunct east Germany, the surrounding countryside is beautiful and unspoilt. Lakeside hotels, hunting estates and golf resorts are in abundance, easily accessible by fast motorway links. Find flight to Berlin

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