It's entire length is along the beautiful Adriatic coastline to the east of Italy. Once part of the former Yugoslavia, now an independent nation. To the north lies Slovenia. Croatia is essentially a Mediterranean destination. Some 1185 islands scattered around the eastern Adriatic plus a large inland part make up Croatia. Unspoiled and underdeveloped, Croatia has some of the most spectacular beaches, wonderful Renaissance cities and delightful people to welcome visitors. Whatever holiday makers desire to do splendid beach resorts with every possible waterfront activity on hand - is what you'll find. But more! The city of Dubrovnik for example is an ancient treasure, quite unique in Europe There are over 1000 islands off the Croatian coast, many of the prime destinations for the sailing yachts plying the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Relatively inexpensive, your hosts are very keen to have you, the countryside is un-spoilt, plenty of room on the beaches. There are very good holiday hotels, camping sites and a reliable summer climate assures the tan you may be after. Find your flight

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