Indian sub-continent, off the southeast coast of Tamil Nadu and separated from India by the Indian Ocean, this island is only 270 miles long and 140 miles at the widest point - smaller than Island!   Influenced by the Portuguese and Dutch occupation, the capital Colombo is a fascinating city of ancient and Western cultures. Many ancient sites contain the remains of a great civilization grown under the influence of Buddhism   Visit places of worship: Buddhist temples, Hindu temples and Mosques. Wondrous ruins testify to great civilizations of ages past. The beaches are beautiful with warm pure seas and colourful corals.   Here is a nation where the full gamut of history can be surveyed in a single day's journey . Wondrous ruins testify to great civilizations of ages past. Few places on earth have packed the variety of experiences available in Sri Lanka into such a small area. Often used as gateway to the Indian Ocean favourite of Maldives.   

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