The southern tip of the African Continent. Embraced by the Oceans on all side but the North, where it borders with Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Mozambique  Wonderful variety of wildlife, famous for the many game reserves where tourist come face to face with the rarest of animals living in their natural environment. Still recovering from the dark apartheid days,but fast developing as one of the top tourist destinations. Beware of violent crime in big cities but enjoy the vast open and wonderful contry-side, as well the friendliest peoples. Visit games parks, go on adventure, seek history, do lots of shopping - the currency is soft, so goods are cheap. Visit the old colonial past around Cape Town, discover the Zulus, their war against the British, follow the wine and the garden routes, enjoy the many wonders of the coastline and the Oceans. Nature and more nature, the country is unlike any other for activity seekers. There are unique games reserves, with unique accommodation, night safaries and day trekking safaries, not found elsewhere. It's incredibly inexpensive, but will not stay so forever! It's now open to all after the fall of the apartheid years and is the vogue! So go there!

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