This small yet dramatically dramatically mountainous Country is an ex. Belgian colony having gained its independence in the early 60s. Enjoys a temperate climate, Rwanda has become popular with international tourists, mainly attracted by the indigenous Gorilla population. French and English are official languages in addition to Kinyarwnada which is the national indigenous language. Mainly agricultural and a big producer of tea, coffee, sugar and flowers! Getting there is a challenge, and is best via Nairobi with connecting flights to Kigali, the capital.   This is a wonderfully exciting destination in deep Africa, where Gorilla tracking tours are the most sought after adventures for visiting tourists. Best times to visit is during the European winter, when the climate is warm but not oppressive. The Akagera National Park to the north-east offers biodiversity with rainforest and wildlife to match. Lake Kivu to the east is one to include on the itinerary and the National Parks, the Volcanoes in the north west corner offer excitement and adventure to the visitor. The Gorillas of course and the abundance of adventure filled African days with endless opportunities for traditional adventure explorations.    It is one of the countries where you can get very close to nature, wildlife and dramatic explorable terrain, a combination seldom found elsewhere in Africa. Then of course the Gorillas, the mysterious jungle trails, the sight of hippos in small hidden lakes, the chatter of the monkeys in the thick jungle, the roaming elephants, the richness of the lake and lake side tribes, villages and the display of exquisite nature, makes Rwanda somewhat special to visit and explore.

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