Morocco is located on the Western tip of North Africa and is bordered by Algeria and the Moroccan occupied Western Sahara. The Northern tip of the country is only a few miles away from Gibraltar.The Atlas Mountains run through the middle of the country; there are sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast. The capital is Rabat; other Imperial cities include Marrakesh, Fes and Meknes. A traditional guest house Marrakesh is called a riad or ryad Most popular destinations are Marrakesh for city, golfing and cultural holidays and around Agadir on the Atlantic coast for beach holidays Visit Marrakesh, with its maze of alleyways, mosques and markets; go South, dotted with small villages, olive groves and orchards; Fes, with its mosques, bazaars and unique charm. Book a golf hotel in Marrakesh, play golf in the real oasis, go for day camel rides, visit the palacial Hassan II Mosque, the largest in the world - in Casablanca. Morocco is a great place for a combining cultural with traditional beach holidays, city breaks too and gourmet experiences. It has a very laid back atmosphere and the cities are amongst the most charming in the Middle East - a great place to buy carpets and may fascinating local handycrafts

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