At the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula , where the Red Sea meets the Arabian Sea. Part of Egypt, though it does not lie within Africa. 

Sharm el-Sheikh is the most famous seaside resort in Sinai. Sharm el-Sheikh Bay, Naama Bay and Shark Bay are the others about 6 km away. Sharm is probably best known for its excellent dive sites, apart from the beaches and off shore sailing and boating excursions. Scores of hotels, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and all the tourist attractions you desire, are right there. great for family holidays too!

Scuba divers will tell, you just go and dive. Superb dive sites are close to the resort, perhaps a half hour jeep ride away. The steep coral walls reach down many tens of meters, rich in colour and tropical fish. There are so many sites, that it is unlikely to do them all just in one visit.
Clearly there is a lot of other beach side 'things' to enjoy. The sea is warm and suitable for families with kinds of ll ages, plenty of sandy beaches, inexpensive lunchtime restaurants, excursions into the desert , camel-rides, to list but a few. 

Perfect climate throughout year, it gets pretty hot during the summer month, but the proximity of the sea makes all the difference. Inexpensive if you so chose, although there are several luxury hotels and resorts too. Popular with international meetings , which are best to avoid. get an events calendar from the tourist board, before you book you holiday. Most people return to Sharm-el- Sheik , time after time.

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