Egypt is situated in the north east of Africa and borders Libya, Sudan and Israel. Close enough for an exotic holiday with flights taking little more than only 4 hours from the UK . It has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea which separates Africa from the Middle East. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is in the North, on the Nile, one of the longest rivers in the world. Most visitors arrive in Cairo and head straight for the pyramids at Giza, working their way down the river to see the other main sights which are situated along the fertile banks of the Nile. The rest of the country is mainly desert. The Sinai is a different type of holiday destination, with sandy beaches and excellent diving in the Red Sea. There are many tailor made tours of the most interesting sights, some more adventurous and off the beaten track than others. Nile cruises are very popular and range from cruises on large to small river boats. Trips to the Red Sea are becoming a great way to relax for a week after all that sightseeing!Visit one of the world’s richest countries for ancient history and cultural heritage. Go back in time and imagine how it was 4000 years ago in the times of the Pharaohs. Turn into an archeologist for a couple weeks or just enjoy the splendours of your luxury resort. Some of the beach resorts have been somewhat over developed so there is a great choice of discount holiday too and plenty of adventure travel opportunities in this vast fascinating country

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